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A bit on Inspiration, Creativity and Ceramics

Hi everyone!
Trying to give this blog writing more of a go, and now that I’ve settled into my studio a bit more I’ve had some time to write! 

A question I often get asked is: why do you choose the colours you do? Is it emotional or inspired by something you've seen or..? And I'd have to say it possibly starts off that way at least subconsciously. I spend a lot of time outdoors and this basically means a lot of bushwalking.

A bit on Inspiration, Creativity and Ceramics

I am a self-confessed nature nerd, and I'm known to travel to areas just for the flora (hello Warrumbungles for the abundant wattles and gorges or Mungo for the ethereal sand dunes and sparse desert flowers). 

A bit on Inspiration, Creativity and Ceramics

Anyone who follows me on Instagram will see the holiday or weekend snaps that are often flower or scenery focused. And whilst this probably sounds a little off topic I believe it's the colours I see in nature which inspire my colour palette. You'll also probably notice my colour ranges tend to sound a little nature-y too! Opal, Sandy Beaches, Shoreline and Spotted Gum just to name a few!  

A bit on Inspiration, Creativity and Ceramics

But honestly sometimes it’s totally just random or it's my desperate need to create a certain colour (still trying to create a vibrant yellow!) that ends up being something completely different. A happy mistake!
Generally speaking though, my creative process goes something like: Something pops into my head late at night while I am trying to get to sleep (of course). This is where I should probably write it down but I don't. I do my best to remember my plan and I just wing it.

If we're talking about colour combinations specifically it's just a matter of giving it a go, layering the colours on a ceramic piece, firing it and hoping the results are good.

One of the biggest things about ceramics (especially if you're making your own glazes) is that the majority of glazes you're trying to create will disappoint you. 
The important thing is just to gather as much information as you can from your mistakes and keep moving forward! Don't give up!

A bit on Inspiration, Creativity and Ceramics

The current situation with Covid-19 and lockdowns shutting everything down has made me so grateful for my followers! The amount of enjoyment I get out of interacting with you all, as well as your constant encouragement has been overwhelming.
There is such a supportive community behind small businesses like never before, and it's been integral in growing my business. It also spurs me on and gives me purpose in what has been such a strange time for all of us!

Special thanks to my wonderful audience, who helped me choose a new colour way name or help me decide on what colour should come next! 

Once again, I appreciate all of your support, and for helping my business grow! Obvs wouldn't be here without you.


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