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Introducing My New Studio

Hi everyone!

Back in 2015 was when I first started working with clay. As soon as I started, it felt really natural to me, and from there my passion for ceramics ultimately took over - quite literally I was obsessed! 

So after feeling a little disillusioned with my boring day job with an awful manager, I made the decision to pursue it full time. After four years in my trusty backyard studio, the incredible feedback I’ve received for my work has allowed me to move into a new, larger space!

ceramics studio

The new studio space: more room for more ceramic goodies!

I am extremely excited about starting a new chapter of my business, even if it means moving away from my home studio and out of my comfort zone. I will still make time for my gardening and time spent in nature, as I draw inspiration from these places! Whilst the new studio is a little removed from nature as I know it, it's actually a lot closer to the sea, which will be a new experience, but a welcome one. 

Moving into my new studio is the next step in growing Rhiannon Gill Ceramics: with it comes more opportunity, and a larger quantity of ceramic pieces being available. 

I look forward to sharing more ideas and work with you all, and I appreciate your support more than my words can express!


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