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The Studio

My studio is small but mighty! At less than 10 square metres, every little inch of space is prime real estate. 

It's also right in my own backyard, about five steps from my home's back door.

This is delightful, not only because I have the convenience of a never ending supply of coffee right at my fingertips, but because sometimes ( a lot of the time), I work in my pyjamas. 

So let me welcome you, to a little virtual tour of my humble studio.

The Studio

The entrance to my studio is surrounded by my cactus and succulent garden which is growing into every little space it can find!

Sadly I didn't put a whole heap of thought into this part of the garden, the only requirement being everything that went into the ground needed to be hardy as there's only a slither of dirt for their roots!

Mainly it consists of cuttings given to me by family and a beloved cactus taken from my pop's own garden.

The Studio

The studio is mainly made up of a lot of shelving and a table, most of it un-matching but functionality won over style as the business grew from hobby size to a full time job.

The shelves at the back of the studio hold my most precious materials, clay and glaze! Without these two main ingredients I couldn't create a single thing!

The Studio

The sweet afternoon light hitting my trestle table which is actually an up-cycled old door and a-frames made from old, recycled house timbers.

More shelves hold my pottery tools and yes that is an ordinary old rolling pin. Sometimes you reach for whatever you can find to get the job done!

The Studio

One of my drying shelves, storing incense holders and handled mugs, all of which are in their greenware stage - which means unfired. You could pop them all into water and they will turn right back into clay. 

The Studio

Another shelf storing some bisqueware ready for the glazing stage and the final firing. And SOAP, lots of soap! Clay as one can imagine is a very messy job.

Soon I'll be looking for a bigger space, when that happens I will take you on another virtual tour!

Rhiannon x







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